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My Philosophy

The name “Healing Animal Truths” comes from my desire to dispel the myths many people believe about animals.  From an early age, I was told things about animals that I knew in my heart just couldn’t be true. 

I was told things such as:
•    Animals don’t have feelings
•    Animals are dumb
•    Animals can only understand one word commands
•    We’re the ones who take care of animals
•    Animals cannot recover from the traumas they have experienced

I knew in my heart and have learned from experience that none of those things are true. 

Through the work I do with animals and their guardians, I want to make sure people know those things are not the truth, and I want them know what IS true about animals, therefore, my mission is to “heal animal truths.”

What I know for sure is:

•    Animals do have feelings and they feel very deeply.  In fact, often times, the physical and behavioral issues they have are, in part, a result of the emotions they experience and the interactions they have with those around them.  I have learned that when their feelings are acknowledged and shared with their owners, when there is clear communication, physical and behavioral issues can and do improve. 

•    Animals are not dumb.  In fact, they are extremely intelligent. They have an amazing ability to understand, to learn and to teach us if we’re willing to honor what they have to offer us.

•    Animals can understand full sentences. The more we talk to them and in their presence, the more they pick up.  It is similar to a baby. They may not understand language when they are first born, but over time, their vocabulary grows the more they hear people speak around them.  I speak to animals in full sentences and they understand.  Occasionally, they may come across a word that they don’t understand because they haven’t heard it before, but they have the intelligence and the capability to pick up our language very easily.

•    Animals believe it is their job to take care of us.  I think we have the model upside down.  We believe our purpose is solely to take care of our animals, but I believe animals actually come into our lives to take care of us.  They come in with a specific mission, to help support us, or help us learn and grow.  The more opened we are to what they have to offer us, the more we can gain from the experience of having them in our lives. 

•    Animals CAN recover from the traumas they experience.  The hurt and the trauma they experience can get trapped in their bodies the same way it does when we experience hurt and trauma, and those feelings can be released from their bodies and their cells, just as they can in ours.  Animals have a tremendous capacity to heal, in part because of their ability to love and to forgive.

Through my work with animals, as an intuitive empath, a communicator and a Reiki practitioner, I am attempting to help people understand the truth about animals.  I believe that if we treat animals with the kindness and respect they deserve, they can live healthier, happier and more fulfilling lives. 

And for us, being fortunate enough to be partnered with these wonderful beings, we have an opportunity to know a level of love and understanding that we might not have known was possible and have richer, more fulfilling relationships with our animals.