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To Set Up An Appointment:

If you are interested in setting up an appointment for your animal or yourself (or both) email me at:  Reikimaureen@yahoo.com or call (408) 977-1787

Sessions are $100 (for approximately an hour) within a 20 mile radius from downtown San Jose.

If you live farther than 20 miles from downtown San Jose, please contact me so we can discuss options, such as a slightly higher fee for additional travel, meeting at an alternate location (other than your home), or distance Reiki for your animal.

Distance sessions and coaching/phone sessions are $100/hour

How I Work (For Animals)

Sessions usually last 50-60 minutes.  Animals receive hands-on Reiki during the session, and during that time, I share what I am picking up (physical sensations as well as thoughts and feelings the animal is having) with their guardian.  Therefore, it is beneficial if the pets guardian is there with me when I am working with their animal. 

I also do distance Reiki with animals who are unable to meet with me personally.  Guardians are welcome to give me a list of questions prior to the session, so that I can get answers during the Reiki treatment. After a distance Reiki session, I follow up with the guardian, via email, with a summary of all the things I picked up during the session (physical and emotional), as well as the answers to questions you had.

With distance sessions, if I haven’t met the animal before, it is very helpful for me to have a picture of the animal to work from.

How Reiki sessions work (With animals):

•    As a Reiki Practitioner, I channel healing energy when I touch them.

•    As an Intuitive Empath, I pick up what they are feeling physically and emotionally when I touch them, and I use that information to guide the healing energy.

•    As an Animal Communicator, I put words to the sensations and emotions that I pick up and share that with their guardian.  I use that information to open a dialog between guardians and their pets, and help facilitate communication between them.

When I work with animals, all three of these things come into play because they are so interconnected in the way that I relate to animals. 

How Reiki sessions work (With People):

Similar to the above, Reiki treatments usually last 50 minutes.  I can come to your home to give you a treatment.  (The treatment takes place on a massage table, that I bring with me). 

After the treatment ends, I usually spend at least 10 minutes talking to the person about what their experience was like, what they noticed, where they felt the energy in their body during the treatment, etc. I will also share what I picked up and we'll "compare notes." 

I also do distance Reiki sessions with people.  We set up a time for the session, so you can be home and relaxing during the time the energy comes to you.  If we haven't met in person, it is helpful for me to have a picture of you, to help me connect with your energy.