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About Maureen

From an early age, I knew I could sense what animals felt.  No one believed me and those around me chalked it up to an active imagination or the fact that I was “too sensitive.” The way I connected with animals never changed as I grew older, although I found that if I talked about how an animal felt, I was often accused of anthropomorphizing.  Once I figured out what that word meant, I knew it wasn’t the truth but figured it wasn’t worth arguing over.  I knew that animals had feelings and I continued to treat them with respect, continued to honor their feelings although I didn’t talk to others about it much anymore.

My career took me into Corporate America. I worked as a Corporate trainer for many years, teaching workshops in areas such as: communication, business partnering and conflict resolution. I joked that I just “helped people get along” and in reality, that is what I was doing.  I worked as a Leadership coach, helping managers do a better job of leading their organizations, I also did Life coaching, assisting people in finding higher levels of personal satisfaction.  Over the course of twenty years, my work involved helping people improve their relationships with others and with themselves.

In 1996, I adopted a German Shepherd from the shelter.  She had been used as pitbull bait in a dog ring in San Francisco.  The first six months of her life were spent being beaten by humans and attacked by pitbulls.  When she was presumed dead, she was thrown in a dumpster along with many other dead puppies.  She was rescued, stitched back together and adopted out.  I was the lucky adopter – her name is Lucky.

I set out on a mission to help her overcome all of her fears.  She had severe emotional issues, and severe physical problems.  I turned over one stone, after another, after another looking for ways to help her.  Through that process, I immersed myself in holistic medicine, learned about the mind/body connection, became a Reiki practitioner, learned about T-touch, and reconnected with my empathic/intuitive abilities. Because of my desire to find ways to help Lucky, I embraced the truths I had always held in my heart and reconnected with the gifts I had had since I was a child.  This German Shepherd changed my life in ways I would have never imagined. Her presence in my life put me on the path I was probably always meant to be on, giving animals a voice and helping them heal.

I still “help people get along” but with the focus of helping animals and their guardians understand one another better.  I help open the lines of communication, help them connect on a heart level and do a lot of healing in the process.  I would like to think that I am also helping people in general have a better understanding of animals and all they are capable of.

After 13 beautiful years together, Lucky left this world, but she left me with gifts and knowledge and experiences that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.  Shortly after she left, I stepped back into the corporate world to continue my work there as well.  I decided that I should use all the gifts I was given and find great satisfaction from working in both arenas.