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Examples of how I help animals:

• When an animal is fighting a serious illness, such as cancer, I use Reiki to help strengthen their immune system and keep their body strong, so they have the best chance to heal.

• When animals are exhibiting strange behavior and the guardian doesn't understand what is going on with them, I help open the lines of communication by letting the guardian know what their animal is thinking and feeling. I then help facilitate solutions to concerns that either the animal or the guardian are having.

• When an animal has been injured or is recovering from surgery, I use Reiki to help their bodies heal more quickly, and also help the animal understand what is required of them during the healing process, whether it's that they need to rest more or be more cooperative about taking medications.

•  When an animal is in the later stages of life, I help guardians understand how their animal is feeling, and what they need to be comfortable.  I work with guardians to help them nagivate the emotional waters of this stage of an animals life and help them understand the information their animal is giving them about their needs and wishes.

• When an animal is having physical issues that the guardian can't get to the bottom of, I work with them to help them better understand what is going on with the animal, both physically and emotionally, so that solutions can be identified.

Client Experiences

My dog, Jewel has been disabled for the past year.  After Jewel met Maureen for the first time, she immediately took to her.  Jewel does not let many people touch her paws as it is a sensitive area for her but she let Maureen touch her paws on the very first visit.  Maureen was immediately able to tell me where Jewel had pain without any prior knowledge. 

Maureen has a very natural and calming effect with the animals.  Since Jewel has been meeting with Maureen she has had decreased stiffness in her arms and neck which makes her more mobile.  Maureen is able to connect with the animals on a spiritual level which in return has increased the bond between Jewel and myself.  Jewel and I would highly recommend Maureen and her Reiki services.  Tina B, San Jose

Meeting Maureen has been a very life enlightening experience. I've learned a lot about my horse, and myself. And we have made some breakthroughs in issues that were preventing us from enjoying rides together. We are not able to accomplish the competition level we once enjoyed, but Tank is progressing physically and I, mentally.

Maureen is a special person to know and work with and I would highly recommend her Reiki and communication ability to anyone. Jackie F, Lodi, CA

I have been a professional reader and healer for many years, but when our little bunny became seriously ill, I was really at a loss to help him.  All I knew for sure is that he had not told me it was his time to go yet.
We were seeing both a medical and a holistic vet, but I wanted the additional support of a healer who specifically worked with animals. That's when I discovered Maureen in Dr. McCall's office.
I scheduled appointments for Snowball every one to two weeks.  Maureen's ability to communicate with him as spirit and use her Reiki skills to help him heal was absolutely miraculous.  She was able to discern that he had fur mites and help us find the right oral and topical treatments.  Through further communication with Snowball she discovered the  antibiotic that would finally relieve his severe breathing distress. (He was not responding to any of the typical rabbit medications.)  Every time he received treatments from Maureen, Snowball was like a new bunny.
I loved our visits to Maureen, and Snowball's very special relationship with her saved his life, day by day, week by week.  Maureen is a remarkable healer with a beautiful and generous spirit, inquisitive mind, and deeply loving nature.  We were very blessed to have her work with us during our time of great need.
Susan W, Belmont, CA


When I began working with Maureen, I was looking for energetic support for the health of two cats who were dealing with cancer, and insights that might help us to make the difficult decisions that we would be facing concerning them.

Bood (17) had been having some extreme breathing episodes while purring along with being diagnosed with intestinal cancer in early March of 2008.  She was immediately a Reiki "sponge", soaking it up from the beginning.  Her breathing episodes are now rare and mild when they do occur.  The veterinarian was surprised at the minimal progression of the cancer in x-rays taken five months later.  His comment was “Whatever you are doing, keep it up.”  Bood is also less stressed in general and has become more playful.  

Kitty (19) had been having thyroid and bladder issues.  She had recently had surgery to remove tumors from her intestine and bladder and had been diagnosed with bladder cancer.  She was not receptive to Maureen at first, but was quickly won over and became another enthusiastic recipient of Reiki.  Maureen helped resolve the non-cancerous aspect of the bladder problem so that Kitty was more comfortable. She also helped with physical and emotional support until Kitty's passing.

Since then, I have brought 3 new "kitties" into my home.  Maureen has helped with the transition process.  One of them (Bijou) was very frightened to the point of appearing feral.  Maureen has helped her deal with her past trauma, feel safe, and come out of her shell.  She is now happily living and playing with three new kitty friends.  She is also jumping onto our laps to be petted and combed, getting cat treats, etc.  She is more comfortable each day.  Maureen has been especially helpful in advising me on how to support Bijou without pushing her.

One of my cats, Bits, is especially resistant to the newcomers.  Although she is posing quite a unique challenge, with Reiki and Maureen's intuitive abilities, we are making progress.

Maureen has also helped me by being a sounding board as I worked on resolving issues not only between the kitties, but also within myself and with my family.  With her guidance and feedback, I am now trusting my own intuition more and have made much needed progress in my own life.  She has been able to provide the hoped for insights on the emotional and physical status of our kitties to help us to make the best decisions possible.
Maureen’s innate gifts, combined with her training, experience, wisdom and genuine concern not only for my animals but also for me and my family, have made her an invaluable asset in dealing with both the physical and emotional health of all of us.   Donna T, San Jose, CA

I just wanted to share my experiences with Maureen and my dog Hanna.  Hanna has had hip problems for a while and she is always so much better after a Reiki treatment with Maureen. 
Maureen also helps me to understand what Hanna is feeling and thinking.  
I really wanted to tell you about one visit that was the most amazing. Hanna fell one day and by 11:00am the next day, she was not able to get up.  I was really freaked out and worried that she might not ever be able to get up again.
Maureen came over as soon as she could.  She was no nice, she gave up her evening to come and help my dog.  The truly amazing part is after Maureen had finished doing Reiki on Hanna, she could get up and walk. I was so happy and so shocked. 

She stayed in pretty good shape until the next day around noon, when she started having a hard time getting up and staying up on her feet.  Maureen came over and did her "magic" again and Hanna could walk again.  You really had to be there but I was truly shocked and amazed and grateful that she could help Hanna that much.  Hanna was in really bad shape but she has been fine ever since.   
So if you ever thought about having Maureen come to do Reiki on your pet I HIGHLY recommend it.  Laurie B, Redwood Shores, CA  

Update:  Hanna went to Heaven on July 3, 2009

I have written before to say how amazing Maureen has been for me and for my dog Hanna.  I want to tell how much it helped me to have Maureen here for Hanna and me just before Hanna went to Heaven.  All of us who have pets know what a unbearable time it is to get thru a death of our pets (they are our babies).  It is something you can’t imagine and something you can’t ever bare to think about.  You don’t know how you will get thru it or how you will ever be strong enough to make the decision to help them fall asleep for the last time.  I am sure if you are reading this it is probably making you cry.   I am crying too.

Having Maureen there with Hanna and me for the last few days of our time together was very helpful and healing to both Hanna and me.  It helped to get the Reiki energy and to also have her to talk to or e-mail with, to make us ready for a day that you will never be ready for.  Don’t get me wrong, you are never ready, it was still the worst week and by far the worst day of my life but somehow I got through it. 

I truly believe with all my heart it was somehow easier having Maureen there for us.  So when your pet gets to that point (and I hope it is in a very long time from now) you and your pet should spend as much time as you can with Maureen.  She will help to make the unbearable somehow a little less unbearable.  Laurie B, Redwood Shores, CA

I had a really exciting breakthrough yesterday with Tucker my horse.  Mo (Maureen) has been helping me with Tucker over the last 2 years and I have wanted to put a testimonial on her website but since writing is a 2nd language for me I have been struggling with how to say what I wanted to say until yesterday. 

While Mo has helped me with health issues with Tucker, I think the biggest thing for me is that she has taught me how to communicate with him.  Tucker is terrified of getting sprayed with fly spray, he has thrown himself over backwards when sprayed while tied up, so I have been working with him using a spray bottle filled with water and just squirting the air as I walk away from him, then stopping and letting him approach the scary object. 

This has been going really well and last night he was standing about 2 feet from me and bottle and I could tell he was really trying to work with me, so I started asking him questions.  I asked him to step forward when the answer was yes…I asked if he was afraid of the bottle, the noise, or how it felt on his body.  It wasn’t until I asked if it brought back bad memories that he stepped forward and put his head right up to me to nuzzle me.  I was totally blown away.  I then explained that I would never do anything to hurt him and explained why fly spray was so important.  I stepped away again and asked him if he was ready to try to replace the bad memories with good memories and once again he stepped right up to me and put him head in my arms. 

The question about the memory was not sheer luck, it came from an interaction that Mo had with Tucker about 6 months ago, she was picking up on his having a bad experience with spray where he felt trapped and could not get away.  I have gone from being a partner who did not communicate, to one that has a dialog every time we face a new challenge.  Thanks Mo for teaching me the art of communication with animals!   Liz H, Woodside, CA